Episode 2

Published on:

2nd Nov 2019

Just walk it off

What happened to the lean, healthy and balanced humans that walked the plains of Africa? Why do we now spend so much time and effort trying to get balanced? And most of all, could we just simply walk it all off?

This episode of Gone Workabout features JJ (Johnathan Jones) who is considered, thoughtful and challenging - a Pilates instructor, a Yoga teacher and I'd call him a lifelong minimalist. We explore his youth in the UK, the back injury which led him to Pilates and later Yoga, the value of walking, the joy of downsizing your stuff and most importantly, how a perfectly sane chap and his cat ended up living in a van.

Topics include; Back pain, depression, mindfulness, Pilates, Yoga, walking, barefoot shoes, Brexit, meditation, van life and spirituality in the modern world.

Show mentions;

- This song on Spotify

- Barefoot shoes and their benefits (BeLenka, Vivo barefoot, Lems, Feelgrounds)

- The Tiny house movement

- Ford Transit vans, Toyota Previa/Tarago vans

- Book: Ekhart Tolle - The power of now

- Author: Sam Harris

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