Episode 14

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27th Sep 2020

Music and kindness

Music executive, entreprenuer and humanitarian Inma Grass provides Gone Workabout with a window into a music industry that has changed so much since the advent of downloading, iTunes and now Spotify.

Through sharing her story spanning southern Spain, to Ibiza, to America and back again, Inma shows how music has both driven her and has provided both meaning and an opportunity to give back via the Altafonte foundation.

It is rare to meet someone who has rubbed shoulders with such greats as Manu Chau, Manuel Garcia (and many others), yet remains true to the spirit of helping artists share their music beyond their borders - while getting paid fairly for it. From being credited with breaking Salsa in the 90s through to being at one point the fastest growing Spanish Hip Hop label, Inma has certainly seen it all.

From discovering a newly-arrived Seydu busking on the streets of Madrid, to helping him to a high-flying career as a percussionist and finally to supporting his Diamond Child School in his homeland Sierra Leone, Inma paints a humanist picture of the music industry and leaves you wanting to support your local indie artists.

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About my guest:

Inma Grass is a Spanish-born music executive, entreprenuer and humanitarian who co-founded Altefonte - a heavyweight in the Latin music world. Interesting parents, a career in music, a lifelong practive of yoga and a husband who shares her fair share approach ensures that Inma's story to date has something for everyone.


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