Episode 9

Published on:

13th May 2020

Grab a camera and get started

Continuing the life during lockdown series, this Gone Workabout episode features Matt and Karla Bailey from Must Do Canada. They share the Canadian experience and why they are pretty happy with how their Government have handled the pandemic. How has lockdown affected their Canada-wide travel show and what have they learned from indoor life? They share how they are flexing their plans and give advice from others as we emerge from lockdown and explore the new normal.

About our guests:

Matt and Karla embody the spirit of global travel. As bloggers they have shared the experience of years spent on the road particularly in South East Asia and now as YouTubers they have shot to success with their channel Must Do Canada reaching over 400,000 views on a single video. They are wandering spirits who know the value of working hard and have a lot of experiences worth sharing.

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